Перевод песни The Dells – There Is

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Oh girl, why won't you let me love you
And let your troubled heart be free
A-take heed a-to all my goodness
Take a hold and follow me now listen, baby
(There is today) yeah, yeah
(I am the road, I am the way) oh...
(I'll fight your fears down through the years) uh-huh!
(Believe me, believe me, baby)
Girl, why won't you let me love you
What does it take to make you see (you got to see, baby)
All the precious time you been a-wastin', baby (you been wastin',
you been wastin')
You coulda been sharing it with me, sharing it baby
With every ounce of my love
I have in my command
I'm doing the very best I can
To make you understand, whoa, yeah
(There is) you, baby
(There is) and me
(There is) and hope
(There is) and love
(There is) you, you you
(There is) and me
(There is) and hope
(There is)
(This is the time, this is the place) yeah, yeah
(You are the girl, you are the face) all right
(I am the hand, this is my touch) uh-huh!
(There is the love I need so much)
(There is) you...
(There is) and me
(There is) and love
(There is) keep the faith, baby