Перевод песни Roy Orbison – Paper Boy

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I walk down to the blue side of town
Where there's no happiness, no joy
Down at the end of a long dark street
I saw a little paper boy
Paper boy paper boy
I've got bad news for you
Paper boy paper boy
Me and my baby are through
She was my love my one and only
I feel so bad I'm oh so lonely
I'm looking for my love
I've got my own headlines for today
They've been the same since she went away
«One dark haired angel disappears
Seems like She's been gone a million years»
Paper boy Paper boy
So long goodbye
Paper boy paper boy
Thanks for listening while I cry
I feel a little better now that someone knows
But I will go on looking forever, I suppose
I'm looking for my love
Extra extra read all about it
My baby's gone and I wanna shout it
I'm looking for my love
I'm looking for my love
I'm looking for my love
I'm looking for my love...