Перевод песни Joe Satriani – Hill of the Skull

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well you can suffer like a mule
or you can suffer like a man
you can carry that load with your blinders on
until you understand
that the weight of the world
os trouble from within
its that mystery that you cant see
that scares you out of your skin
you got to name your demons
look em in th eye
call em from the darkness
out into the light
show em what you're made of
cut em down to size
name your demons
and you can face the fight
you can run from your trouble
but it's a waste of time
cause soon enough all that scary stuff
will slip up on your blind side
you gotta get down under
you gotta dig the well
you gotta look down deep until you see
the way to break the spell
there's a thing called pride
puffs you up inside
makes you forget who you are
and another called fear
keeps you trapped in here
like a firefly in a jar
got jealousy, anger, envy and lust
robs you of hope and destroys all your trust
when you're caught in conceit, captured by greed
you confuse what you want with what you really need