Перевод песни David Allan Coe – Tanya Montana

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Why the day you were born, girl
Your mom and I named you, Tanya Montana
I just thought you should know
Your eyes were
As blue as the skies of Montana
Your skin was
As white as fresh falling snow
Tanya Montana is some thing to see
A dream that came true for your mother and me
A small piece of Heaven on earth as they say
But Tanya Montana is so far away
Why some day you’re gonna grow up
And you’re gonna leave us, sweet Tanya
And some man will steal you
Some man’s gonna steal you away, I know
But you know me and your momma
Why we love you, Montana
Lord, it’s going to break our hearts
When we see you go
Tanya Montana has been on my mind
Like the eagles that fly above reaching the light
Searching for freedom, you’ll find it some day
And then Tanya Montana will be so far away