Перевод песни Pearl Jam – All Those Yesterdays

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Don’t you think you oughtta rest?
Don’t you think you oughtta lay you head down?
Don’t you think you want to sleep?
Don’t you think you oughtta lay your head down tonight?
Don’t you think you’ve done enough?
Oh don’t you think you’ve got enough well maybe.
You don’t think there’s time to stop
There’s time enough for you to lay your head down tonight tonight
Let it wash away
All those yesterdays
What are you running from?
Taking pills to get along
Creating walls to call your own
So no one catches you? drifting off and
Doing all the things that we all do Let them wash away
All those yesterdays
All those yesterdays
All those paper plates
You’ve got time, you’ve got time to escape
There’s still time, it’s no crime to escape
It’s no crime to escape, it’s no crime to escape
There’s still time, so escape
It’s no crime, crime.
All those yesterdays