Перевод песни Alice Cooper – Spark in the Dark

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Welcome to the party
It’s only me and you
Tell the world to go away, babe
And I’ll tell you what to do Come over here and kiss me I want to pull your hair
Turn out the lights and hold me I want to touch you everywhere
We don’t need nobody, baby
We don’t need champagne
I’ll take you to the deepest, darkest, hottest lovers’lane
For a little spark in the dark
Just a little spark in the dark
Don’t matter where we sleep
Don’t matter where we park
All we need is spark, spark
Spark in the dark
Just a little spark in the dark
Come around midnight
We’ll be crawlin’on the floor
Burnin’with the fever
And yellin’out for more
But don’t you write it in your diary, baby
Don’t blab it on the phone
Cuz if your mom and dad find out
They’ll skin me to the bone
Now we don’t need instructions, baby
Don’t you be afraid
It takes a little friction
That’s how our love is made