Перевод песни Luniz – Plead Guilty

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Hey, what’s all this? Hey stop all this confusion. Hey! Order in the
No I’m not guilty, you’re guilty. Law makers. Politicians. Business men
The police. You don’t see no black folks dropping packages out of
Airplanes. You don’t see none of that. You’re the reason why, I’m a
Criminal. You’re the reason why, I’m… The Ice Cream Man
Verse 1 *(Knumskull)*
I, spent hella time on the block late
An I feel safe, as long as I can shoot the Glock straight
So come
Get the greenery
Rush to the bank collect yo doe
Make sho you got yo bucks in yo hand, cuz the man
(be comin around the mountian when he come!)
That’s a rigg up
I rather swallow my yay, an shit slugs
Fuck task, it’s a must I bubble
So many rocks in my jaw I feel like Barney Rubble
I got my, pager
An my, bus pass
Grab my Avion water juss incase I had to dust task
It was about four otha niggas on the spot grindin
One was on my team smokin hamps an poppin leads
(knock on weed nigga, fuck that knock on weed, you got a twenty??)
Gave up two ten’s an a bump cuz I had plenty
Not even knowin what I juss did
Put the money in my pocket an headed back to the crib
Got a tingle on my dick feelin bad
Looked up an seen task cars comin at me
So I bounced through a buildin lost all my cash
Swallowed my rocks, ditched my pager, I’m haulin ass
Then found myself by Blyman’s house
Thinkin about juice
Hit the turf, sky out
Through the roof
But that plan was cancelled
Betta give up
Betta throw yo hands up
Here comes the man
The gloves on the other hand
Got on my knees
Crossed my legs
Then threw up my hands
One of them yelled «Bitch hit the deck!!»
Kevin Reese grabbed the stick an almost broke my neck
I’m handcuffed on the ground wit a foot in my back
Then they asked me «Hey where the fuck our money at!!!»
Now I’m stressin cuz the dogs right beside me
They took me down so that the under could identify me
You got the right one BAY-BEE!
Shot me downtown
Threw me in a cell that’s drivin me crazy
So they booked me
Walked me through the court door
Stripped me down
An gave me some drawls the next nigga wore
I’m in my pad makin phone calls
So I can post bail
Go home
An then put on my own drawls
Got in touch wit my nigga Yuk
What’s up fool!!!
I got a quarter ounce hidden in the cut
Snatch it up
Get it off
Come an get me
Before I go back to court an they judge can get wit me
Cuz the D-A
Was talkin nonsense at my arraignment
An think she’s still talkin the same shit
They try an keep me
Locked up fo a grip
An my public defender ain’t sayin shit!
The deal is zero to twenty-eight days
That shit is filthy!
Now they got a nigga pleadin gulity
I ain’t did nuthin wrong
Why should I plead guilty?
They caught me wit no work
But they claim that we was filthy
I ain’t did nuthin wrong
Why should I plead guilty?
They caught me wit no work
But they claim we doin dirt
Verse 2 *(Yukmouth)*
It’s like sixteen fiends get they welfare checks
No po-po a 4−0 an some bomb
An I’ll be there when it comes to collect
No po-po a 4−0 an some bomb
Rolled up
Know what
Don’t give a fuck what ya do
Grama thought I was a goodie two-shoes
But I was too true
Now fools holla out the window like Rapunzel
Give the caulk up, rock up, an chop up my bundle
Through the back pack
Gimme the crack sack
9 mill gat
An don’t grind on any turf that I’m buildin scratch at
Jack pot
I spot a hundred a sixty-fifth fiends buyin cream
By the fifty grip but that’s come tricky shit
It’s tricky!
They wanna get me, rigg me on the pavement
An Ripley’s won’t believe they had the nigga wit me on survailance
Bring heat, to meet two
But I can see through
The fake ass wanna be true like R2-D2
Bounce so I can start the Operation Stackola
Yukmouth, about
Wit a whole ounce of crackola
Stash the ounce
Grab a count
I holds down, nobody out, like… ok
By the window, then I threw my dope down
An frowned
That’s when I looked suspicious
They bust a U-ey now I’m hurdlin fences like Olympics
Wit hella sweat on my forehead
Mo feds
Jumpin off the roof top
To lock my ass up like 2Pac
I see you in the bushes young bastard
Don’t say shit
Come out before I blast ya!
Ok, I quit!
Ahaha! Bob, check him,(I give up man), no dope on him, no man, well
You’re still goin downtown potna!