Перевод песни The Maine – Don't Stop Now

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Well where I come from
You learn to take it nice and slow
But baby since we met
Oh, it's been go, go, go So you can rough me up (rough me up)
Yeah baby you can hurt me too
Because all I got (all I got)
You see, all I got is you
You can rough me up You can break me down
Baby don't stop now
Oh, you can use me up till it all runs out
Baby don't stop now
I'm all yours
I'm all yours somehow
Baby don't stop now
So where I come from
You learn to make the best of things
Honey since we met
You know you've had the best of me So you can lock me up Yeah baby throw away that key
Because all I know
Is that this is where I want to be No, honey don't stop now
Well, baby don't stop now