Перевод песни Randy Newman – The Man

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Absolute control
Absolute power
I don’t have any power
I need power power power power power
Power power
Absolute obedience
To my every command
I want to be the man
I want to be the man
I want to be the man
I’ve got to got to got to
I’m gonna have bodyguards
When I walk into a club
With my bodyguards
They’ll excuse me
That’s Mr. Faust’s table you’re sitting at
You can’t sit there
'Scuse me, sir
That’s Mr. Faust’s chair your big ass is in
You can’t sit there
'Scuse me motherfucker
Don’t you understand motherfucker?
He’s the man
You’re the man
I am?
Yes, you are
I’m the man?
You’re the man
I’m the man
Women will come
Women will go
Big tits, pretty little tits
I just don’t know
Goddamn it I just don’t know
Do I have your respect?
Yes, you have it
Do I have your admiration?
You know you got it
Do you get these good vibrations?
Yes we do, you’re the man
I’m the man. I’m the man. I’m the man
Money, power, control
Equals love