Перевод песни Bruce Springsteen – Life Itself

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We met down in the valley, where the wine of love and destruction flows
There in that curve of darkness where the flowers of temptation grow
I left the rest for the others it was you and nothing else
You felt so good to me, baby, as good as life itself
You were life itself, rushing over me Life itself, the wind in the black elms
Life itself, in your heart and in your eyes
I can't make it without you
I knew you were in trouble, and anyone could tell
You carried your little black book from which all your secrets fell
You squandered all your riches, your, your beauty and your wealth
Like you had no further use for, for life itself
Why the things that we treasure most slip away in time?
Until to the music we grow deaf and to God's beauty blind
Why do the things that connect us slowly pull us apart?
Until we fall away in our own darkness, stranger to our own hearts
So here's one for the road, here's one to your health