Перевод песни Q-Tip – Evolution of A Man

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You're lookin at a man with the heart of a lion
Got my eyes on the prize
I'm a get it or die tryin
Comin from the bottom you can't take me no lower
Got the talent, the passion and im destined to take it over
Who am i? im not the one to be disrespected
Who am i? im changin the game, teachin a lesson
But the nay sayers try to blur my vision
Im so focused makin moves with grace and precision
Ima do it for me and everybody in the struggle
All my ancestors that died in the past to give me muscles
Im a man
No matter if you got the upper hand
Im a man with gods gift to get it the best
Im a man
Im a m-a-n
(you ain't dealin with no boy, im a grown a** man)
Im a big fish in a small pond
Left the country for the city to get it done
They underestimate me try to treat me like a boy
But i flipped it around now im the one they can't ignore
I know what im worth and i want every cent
Try to short me again and ima click in this b**** just to get me whats mine
Nothing more nothing less
And ima give you my all
Nothing less than the best
Please have the respect
I done felt enough pain
I done give you enough
To get where im at it ain't a game
Im a m a n
Im takin a stand
Rub me the wrong way and you gonna find out
You dealin with a man
Im a man
Im a man
Im a m-a-n