Перевод песни Felix Riebl – Lullaby

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I cannot say 'oh sweetness' like he could
and I cannot play a lullaby like it should
I used to cry but now I have to laugh
because she’s got that torment to a fine art
smart like a foxy, and craf-ty-as-a-cat
I’m lookin up as I’m lyin' on my back
bite the beast if I want a big piece of the pie
but she’s taken the feast in the blink of an eye
I can-not-jus-ti-fy what’s going on
it feels so right when it seems so wrong
like a plot hatched in the sweet spot of that trap
ask what she’s schemes, she say 'oh this and that'
then she snaps like a camera in black with a flash
puts the drum in drama, and the hand in the clap
she’s a map with no bearings attached — no
safety-in-this-match, fire you can’t catch
then zap I was struck by that bolt before dawn
then by breakfast honey we was signed and sworn
I’ll give you all night movie marathon and a triple espresso so you can stay
it might be late — but it’s never too late for that lovin' my sexy babe
something always telling me ' save your prayers before dawn'
cos what happens when I’m with you makes me shake my head then smile and yawn
I’m worn out but I’m beaming, and it seems that we are dreamy
as we head out through that strange old morning door
This game is no game but it’s played all the same
and I love it even if it makes me deranged
it’s like tears in the rain, burning spears in my brain
cause me pain sometimes make me drained
but I cannot complain
— mad the ugly good and bad
had some happy with my sad and some tricks in my bag
when it’s run amok like a bull that just bucked
when it’s down it’s a drag and you fight with no partner to tag
— at times I would dive in the sea to escapr from the rising and crashing malea
drink tea with a fat fish and find a golden key
then rise to the surface and open my baby
and maybe she’d say 'we are crazy' the two of us together like Melbourne weather
be like balls in a maze see we rolling along in obcurity
but when we meet in the middle say mmm it’s a treat
dramatically, ecstatically, indefatigably, sex-o-matically
She give me…