Перевод песни Landon Pigg – Can't Let Go

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Well you're the closest thing I have
To bring up in a conversation
About a love that didn't last
But I could never call you mine
'Cause I could never call myself yours
And if we were really meant to be
Well then we just defied destiny
It's not that our love died
Just never really bloomed
Well I can't let go
No, I can't let go of you
You're holding me back without even trying to
I can't let go
I can't move on from the past
Without lifting a finger you're holding me back
And then we saw our paths diverge
And I guess I felt okay about it
Until you got with another man
And then I couldn't understand
Why it bothered me so
How we didn't die we just
Never had a chance to grow
And it might not make much sense
To you or any of my friends
Though somehow still you affect the things I do
And you can't lose what you never had
I don't understand why I feel sad
Every time I see you out with someone new
I can't let go
No, I can't let go
No, I can't let go of you