Перевод песни The Attractions – The Great Unknown

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
They took old Danny Boy for a ride
From the arms of his bride to be
Threw him into the murky waters
By the dog biscuit factory
Quick dry the tears and stifle cheers
As he sinks just like a stone
Footprints set in sentimental cement
Now burden down his bones
Lest we forget
Here lies the Great unknown
My my my Delilah
Who’s the butcher that you harbor
Take the rich man to the cleaners
And the strong man to the barber
From her face down to her torso
Sort of gruesome only more so
Hooks and eyes, fingers and thumbs
Ladies and gentlemen here she comes
The Great unknown
Where shall we sing
At a wedding or a wake
Whose name shall we cherish
And for whose sake
Now this year’s cannon fodder
Tell the future general’s jokes
They were keeping the home fires burning
As we slipped out for a smoke
Though the VIP’s sang «Wooden Heart»
The band played «Hearts of Oak»
And here comes the day I shall perish all alone
Say here lies the Great unknown