Перевод песни Martina McBride – If I Had Your Name

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If I was a raindrop I would be fallin'
I would be fallin’by now
If I was a rocket I would be flyin'
I would be flyin’by now
If I was a wise man I would be doin'
What I should be doin’by now
'Cause you’re like a new key made with the wrong cut
Stuck tryin’to break into my home
You’re like a bottle sent with a message
But you’re sinkin’like a stone
If I had your name
I’d be changin’it right now
If I was a blanket I would be foldin'
I would be foldin’by now
If I was a fast train I would be speedin'
Smokin’and steamin’with a hell of a sound
If I was a gambler I’d go for the quick win
I’d cash all my chips in and get outta town