Перевод песни Jake Owen – Long Night With You

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Trying to keep that wolf at bay
Twelve out of twenty-four hours a day
I'm busting it, I'm breaking my back
Swing that hammer, stomp that shovel
Boss man says, «Boy, you're pulling a double»
It's always me, picking up the slack
Nobody said it was easy
(But) Girl, it's been a long hard day
It seems we work our lives away
Five o'clock I'm beat, dead on these two feet
But girl when I come home to you
The only thing I want to do Is baby hold you tight because all that gets me through
After a long day is a long night with you
One of those nights when we don't sleep
The two of us fitting like a puzzle piece
Turning up the heat with the lights down low
So go ahead honey and pour the wine
I'm a little overdue for some overtime
In your loving arms, I ain't letting you go Yet at night we'll take it slow and easy
Girl, it's been a long day
And I'll need a long night with you
Just a little bit longer baby
Just a little bit longer with you