Перевод песни Martina McBride – When You Love Me

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Sometimes I feel like I never quite fit in Like I'm always a little out of place
It's hard to be everything to everyone
There's so many roles I have to play
Sometimes I'm just barely hanging on Seems like I'm always fighting to be strong
To find somewhere that I belong
When you love me every part of me feels
Like I'm right where I'm meant to be When you touch me you reach through to My soul to the truest place in me Baby in your arms I'm free
To just be a woman
I can't believe how beautiful I feel
There is nothing here to hide
I'm unafraid and so completely real
Oh and never more alive
This life can be so hard to understand
But your eyes oh they see me as I am And you take me as I am Baby hold me close never let me go Never let me go To just be a woman