Перевод песни Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Tinkertrain

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Would you like some sweeties little girl? Come a little closer
I'm gonna show you a brand new world tonight
I've got a palace full of fantasy
Ready made just for you and me
Once you're there I'm gonna take you for a ride
I got a one way ticket
To take you to the other side
I got a one way ticket
So come along and don't be shy
They call me Mr. Tinkertrain
That's how I got to get my name
They call me Mr. Tinkertrain
So come along and play my game
You'll never be the same
Close the curtains and turn out the lights
Beneath my wing it's gonna be alright
A little secret just for you and me
I've got the kind of toys you've never seen
Manmade and a bit obscene
Little angel come and sit upon my knee
Never be the same
Can you say Mr. Tinkertrain?
No use crying cause you can't go back
Now you're here to stay
You can't run, you can't hide
You can't tell me what I feel inside
That's why they call me Mr. TinkerTrain