Перевод песни The Strokes – Alone, Together

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No choice now, it’s too late
Let him go, he gave up
I gave up
Lisa says, «Take time for me»
Dropping him down to his knees
Ah, chest down
Take me away
See I’ve got to explain
Things, they have changed
In such a permanent way
Life seems unreal
Can we go back to your place?
Oh, «You drink too much»
Makes me drink just the same
People tried, felt so right
Giving themselves good advice
Looking down sometimes felt nice
He knows it’s justified to kill to survive
He then in dollars makes more dead than alive
Let’s suck more blood, let’s run three hours a day
The world is over but I don’t care
'Cause I am with you, Now I’ve got to explain things
They have changed in such a permanent way
Life seems unreal, Can we go back to your place?
«You drink too much» Makes me drink just the same
The first time, it happened too fast
The second time, I thought it would last
We all like it a little different