Перевод песни Just Jack – Glory Days

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I’m feeling groovy
Kicking down the cobblestones
And there’s music in every sight and every sound, no need for headphones
I’ll tip my cap to the world even though I don’t wear one
Grinning at the women in the salon getting their hair done
And on the outside, looking in like an aquarium
Spinning with the stars in a planetarium
I’m feeling curiously, marvellously super-duper like Joss Stone
My heart melts like ice-cream cones
Grinning like a dog digging up dinosaur bones
I used to be fossilised
But now I’m out of my shell
And I’m happier than whores with chivalrous clientele
This can’t be real, I must be dreaming
Can somebody slap me?
I’m feeling so mischievous, original cheeky chappy
It must be ages since I felt satisfied just to be Just Jack, and just that,
still in tact
It’s just another one of those glory days
Jump out your bed, shake your head, clear the haze
Step out your house and prepare to be amazed
It’s just another of those, just another one of those
I’m so warm
New dawn, reborn, new forms
And I’m thinking about my boys, Joe le Chic and Freshly Sean
And I know you’re underrated, but one we’ll all make it
And walk around naked with our bollocks platinumed and plated
Anyway I’m off track, I’ve got to stop that
And get back to the high street, I need something to eat
Stop at the caf', coffee and a salt beef bagel
Yeah I know I’m caned, but now I’m feeling able
I used to get so paranoid in places like this
Stayed in my house for days with my weed, psychosis
My neurosis was thinking everybody’s staring at my red eyes and shifty
expression, but now I’m past caring
And I can feel that destiny’s on my side
And by the looks of things, fate came along for the ride
Behind green skies I can see my girl’s eyes
Damn it I’m in love with this planet you’ve got to realise
It’s time to look to the future
Just when I was getting used to the humdrum
I realised in the depths of my depression that I really wanted to be someone
So let’s smash the past like a tacky figurine on the back page of a
supplementary magazine
But for the time being, bump your head to the beat
Sit back, put your feet and then relax