Перевод песни Fabolous – Gangsta Don't Play

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Stonyahoy!!! Stigading wuy na na ding ding wuy!!! Yeah ha ha ha!!!
Yes I waan dem fi know, seh real warriors don’t play
And if yuh romp wid us, you have to run away (Run away)
I waan dem fi know, seh real gangstas don’t play
And if they romp wid us, they have to run away
Know they romp wid us and dem a run and a hide (Hide)
Slip dem go slip and now a slide dem go slide (Slide)
Only a fool get caught up in his own pride (Pride)
Hope dem ready fi di ride
Gangstas ain’t this fly, this is just a rare occasion
You can hear it’s blazin soon as the leer is raisin
Hell yeah we hazin, sexy pair of Bajans
Chinky eyes dark hair you would swear they Asian
They Bahama mamas, hols the llama mamas
Put the gangsta grills on when it’s drama mama
Murder them, murder them
They don’t make a move until they get word from him
I could be in Fiji, one call to Gigi
She on some Belly shit like X with a squiggie
They say it’s gangsta but it’s just the way of life
If life’s a bitch better make everyday your wife
I’m from the era of the shootouts from drug spots
Happy to be here so I smile in my mug shots
The David Dinkins years, I even dug Koch
Before the George Bush drugs watch, Bloodclaat!!!
We say death before dishonor; the scent that you smellin'
On my breath is marijuana 'fore I left to Tijuana
I told 'em it was war so they nephew or they mama
Better wear a tef or they a gonna
RAH!!! RAH!!! That’s what it sounds like when thugs cry
I see things see wings when the slugs fly
Low life Loso P wing rugby
Lo to the young niggas I know ready
I go back like recline no need to rewind
Still run through Flatbush like the D line
Usually just the team, plus them extra niggas bein necessary
Just like a uzi with a beam
In the 'cuzzi full of steam, Susie and Jeanine
Niggas do shit like this or it’s usually in they dreams
Gangsta don’t sleep unless it’s guns by the bed
Ever wonder why the bread gets snatched by the feds