Перевод песни Seduced – Hey ladies

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Saw you from where I'm standing
I know we should be dancing
All the time I've been talking nice to you
Wonder what you are thinkin'
Right now my head is spinnin'
Tryin' to find out what we are gonna do,
I said
Hey, don't you know that I just wanna
Play, not just tonight but every single
Day, take me to another place, or
Don't you wanna dance
Don't you wanna dance
Don't you wanna dance, with me
Hey ladies, hey boys, jump up
and make some noise
Hey ladies, hey boys, you've got
to raise your voice
Hey ladies, hey boys, everybody
is watchin' me
Hey ladies, hey boys, come
along and dance with me
I tried to move your body
But you don't like to party
So I decided to leave you all alone
Right now my body is sweaty
I hope that you are ready
All night long dancin', I'm settin' the tone
Okay, now I need you to slowly move
Away, this is the game that I just like to
Play, now listen to what I'm gonna say
You didn't wanna dance,
Didn't wanna dance
Didn't took a chance on me