Перевод песни The Soul Children – I'll Understand

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We know each other like the palm of our hands
And we have to see each other
Whenever and however we can
I know that I am tied up Well listen baby
Well, I am tied up too
And if we are caught together
We've got so much to lose
So if you see me tomorrow
And you turn your head, baby
I'll understand, I'll understand
Society we're from
And say it is supposed to be But there's a lot of people
Going through the same changes, baby
Just like you and me But listen
While my sister call me low down, yes she does
And my brother won't even speak, no he won't
My daddy don't want me around
But listen to this my mama sayin', «Go somewhere else and live»
I know love can be a problem
If you give up tryin', tryin', tryin' to solve them
I'll understand, yes I will baby
I'll understand
If I see you walking down Main Street with your man
Then I'll understand
If I call you on the phone and if you have to hang up, baby
I'll understand
If I see you in the dance and you turned your head
I'll understand
If you told me to meet you somewhere, baby and you don't show up
I'll understand