Перевод песни Sweet Coffee – Special kind of feeling

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Never give up on love,
It's worth fighting for
And I can't lose this time
'Cause I'm stronger
I never felt this way
Sometime I'm been bid
Like a diamond in the rub
Shodding till it shines
You pick me up
When I feel down
You own my heart
All the time
When you're around
You make my life
So much better
Chorus (2x)
You give that special kind of feeling (you give that feeling)
The beat is where I wanna be (I wanna be with you)
You're the rain after dry season (you're my rain)
And it feels so heavenly
I'm off the mood
My heart is rushing
I've opend up my you
Now are you looking?
Some say I'm a fool
You leave me stranded
It's only my own strain
Inside me
Chorus (2x)