Перевод песни Loudon Wainwright III – So Much To Do

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Well, there’s not much to say
But there’s so much to do
I’m in a good way since I’ve fallen for you
We’d be so happy, I know that we would
If only you’d have me, I know that we could
Not much to say
But then there’s so much to do If I got to choose and the fate had to obey
I’d start with these blues when I get this way
Love was always a curse, a thirst innocent
I wanna be saved, I wanna give in
I’m used to the blues when I get this way
Get used to it Let’s take the final, we aced the quiz
Let’s get into it whatever it is
I’m fed up of foreplay, don’t wanna date
There’s so much to do, I just don’t wanna wait
When I see this coming, I start to moan
But you show me something, I start to hope
Hey, I could cope
Been here before, I hate to admit it
I’m easily late that I’m so slow to quit it But you show me something
I can start to hope and cope
Can you understand there’s so much we can do?
Ain’t love grand when it’s brand new
Forget the past, we’re gonna debunk it It’s gonna last, who would have thunk it Ain’t love grand when it’s brand new