Перевод песни Alexia – Keep On Movin'

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Hey Alexia what a party you are having tonight
How did you organize such a thing?
Party is ratatatalatata rat
Party ta ra ta ta ta pa pa Every time is the same situation
Working hard every day of my life
I just can't wait to reach to my salvation so that in the night everything will
be fine
I gotta find someone to love
Cause I have waited for so long
I never felt this way before
So baby stand by me Keep' on moving
Keep on dancing, dancing to the beat
Keep on jumping, yea I want to party tonigth
I wanna party tonight
Party ta ra ta ta ta ta ta ta ra
Take my hand, bring me out if you want me Yes I know, baby you ve got style
You wannna Play the game I don't want to get lonely
I feel the vibes maybe it's love at first sight
I gotta find
Keep on movin'
Hey Alexia, it's a wonderful party
I'm having a really good time tonight
It's ma really, really great time you know?
Yeah, i've seen a lot of people here dancing
O Alexia you're having just some good fun here
You are'the bomb, so good!
I gotta ...
Keep on movin'...
What a party !