Перевод песни Sonya Kitchell – Train

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I’ve just taken
A seat on the train
I walked through busy streets
Down a shadowy lane
I just bought my
Ticket for the ride
There’s no turning back now
No matter what I decide
Steel body moves fast
Hinges pounding against the ground
I sink into my seat now
I pray for it to speed up, but I wish it would slow down
My body quivers with anticipation
For what lies ahead
Wood is thrown onto the fire
That cries out to be fed
Mist shrouds the dawn
So ahead, I cannot see
The train, it moves ever forward
Into the misty sea
There’s so many faces
Most of the time, I feel so alone
There’s so many places
Will I ever stop and know my own home?
I know I’m gonna get there
But I’m not sure when
Nor do I know where I’m going
So I won’t pretend
I cannot see beyond the horizon
Nor around the bend
The train, it moves ever forward
Without a seeming end
Out of one window
I saw rain
I looked through the other
And I felt the warm sun’s rays
The wind, it gently blew
Across my weary shoulder
And time whispered in my ear
«Child, you’re just gonna keep getting older»
But I’ve done nothing more
Than take a seat on this here train
Yet my life turned upside down and only
And only, only the little things remain