Перевод песни Sonya Kitchell – No Matter What

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She’s a crazy girl who needs an intervention.
she has lost her world and no one cares to mention-
she just needs someone to help her out.
she needs someone to say, hey, what’s it all about?
she needs a little bit of love and care
and most of all she needs someone to say, i will be there
For you, no matter what you do.
i’ll be there for you
no matter what you say.
i’ll be there today.
no matter what you do,
i’ll be there for you.
yeah, you know it’s true
She’s a lonely girl who needs some attention.
she needs to find someone to put in place prevention
she needs a binding that will hold her and not tear,
and most of all she needs someone to say, I will be there
When i saw her last she was on her own.
everyone was laughing and dancing,
but she was all alone.
when i saw her, her eyes were so so tired
and her smile had gone away.
she was high on strife and degrading life,
that was when i heard them say
She’s a frightened girl who needs good intention.
she’s been lost a little too long, now she needs some direction
she just needs someone to tell her it’s okay
someone who actually cares about her day
she needs a little bit of love and care,
and most of all someone to say, I will be there