Перевод песни Sonya Kitchell – Jerry

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Oh, sweet Jerry
The man that she would marry
He’d say, «Oh, darling, don’t you cry
For I will always be by your side»
And she took Jerry for granted
In her life, he was firmly planted
She’d say, «Oh, sometimes I wonder why
Jerry always stays by my side»
And Jerry worked hard every day
He worked, so the bills could be paid
While she dreamed of a better life
Where she was another man’s wife
Early one October morning
She left Jerry with no warning
He said, «Oh darling, won’t you stay?
And she said, :Jerry, I’ve got to get away»
Oh, sweet Jerry
The weight he could not carry
And oh, oh how he tried, and when she left
Oh how he cried
Weeks passed by and the phone rang
The voice on the line was broken
She said, «Oh, the world is oh, so cold
Jerry, your love kept me warm and helped me to be bold»
And Jerry thought she would come home
For without her he felt so alone
She never did, and he always wondered why
And when he felt sad, he hid it with a smile’s lie
Years have passed on by now
And Jerry, he gets by somehow
Be he still whispers, «Oh darling, don’t you cry
For I will always be by your side»