Перевод песни Spoonie Gee – Spoonie Is Back

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Hey Easy Lee, you say uno, dos, tres
People, all, let’s have a party
Now all young ladies just shake your body
Now all young men, enemy or friend
Well if you heard me once brother, I’m back again
Get on the scene and I wasn’t sent
And I’m not alone, I’m with the president
But this president’s hip and oh-so funky
I’ll make you move like a disco monkey
You’ll shiver-shake and your back might break
But do it anyhow, see what you could take
So keep freakin' while I’m speakin'
Dance young ladies until your knees start to weaken
Cause I got the style and the class to go with it
I dance all night, just keep in step
And if enough people watch you might gain rep
So do it
And you pretty young ladies on my mind
You’re the one so sweet, you’re the one so fine
The ones I give my attention to
You make me do some of the things I do
You walk with style, you dress a profile
I look at you and I can’t help but smile
Or say hello, or how do you do
And what I say might not phase you
But it’s one thing girl and you gotta agree
But there ain’t too many men that’s quite like me
Cause I could look at you, stare you in your eyes
And I won’t say a word but I’ll hypnotize
Your mind, your body and your soul
Yeah, and then you’ll be under my control
I’m not bragging, just making it clear
To all the young ladies that I’m here
Can you hear me? (Yeah!)
Well can you hear me? (Yeah!)
Well can you hear me, can you hear me? (Oh yeah!)
Well, let’s go!
Now you know my game and you know my name
Which you’ll soon see in the Hall of Fame
Or heard on the radio or at a jam
Now somebody just tell me who I am
Say what’s my name (Spoonie Gee!)
Ya say what’s my name (Spoonie Gee!)
Some say I’m a lover, some disagree
It’s up to you girls, not up to me
But if ya think so and you do agree
All the ladies in the place say oooh-we (Oooh-we!)
Say oooh-we (Oooh-we!)
Ooh baby!
Now there’s a place called diddy-baw-diddy
It ain’t no town and it ain’t no city
A little hideaway just across the street
Where me and my sweet baby doll meet
With just one bed and just one light
Cause that’s all we need to make love in the night
And when I’m gone I hope they save it
And diddy-baw-diddy, that’s the name I gave it
Just me and my girl, but never a crowd
With a sign on the door «No Smoking Allowed»
It’s a little nice place and cozy too
It makes you wanna relax and just kick off your shoes
So no matter who you are girl and what’s your rate
If you come with me baby, you’ll like this place
Like ace, like deuce, like Duke of Earl
Cause Spoonie will scoop and one of your girl
So wherever you be or whatever you do
So just come see me and I’ll prove to you
That I’m sweet, not mean and a woman supreme
Young ladies scream! (Ooowww!)
Now she was a lady who lived in the past
Whose life I thought would always last
She would wipe my tears when I used to cry
Made me feel better when I thought I would die
Helped pick me up when I felt so down
Put a smile on my face that takes the place of a frown
She took care of me from the day of birth
If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be on Earth
Or even exist to tell you the truth
Or reach this time in my prime
From then til the end she was my friend
Even though I would never ever see her again
Sometimes I cry, but only wasted tears
Cause she’s been gone for about 4 years
No matter what I do or how I act
There’s nothing in the world to bring a mother back
And you know that (And you know that!)
So now that you agree that I’m a king of romance
Why don’t you young ladies give me a chance
Can you hear me? (Yeah!)
Well can you hear me? (Yeah!)
Well can you hear me, can you hear me? (Oh yeah!)
Well, let’s go!
Well me, myself, will always succeed
Give anyone on Earth what they need
Whether it’s good loving or a sweet kiss
If the woman’s in the right mind she’ll want this
You can lineup girls and I won’t need money
And I’ll pull 19 out of 20
Or 25 out of 26
On my own doin', don’t need no tricks
getting fatter just like batter
Success to me has climbed up that ladder
Opened the door and gave me more
Takin' care myself, I’m not a boy no more
Dedicated to my girl like my wife
I’m gonna try to do good for the rest of my life
So until my day and we meet again
Take good care, my friend