Перевод песни Peter Frampton – Nowhere's Too Far For My Baby

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I packed up my pony
I loaded my Sony
No one could see me for dust
I'm leaving my friends there
It's not that I don't care
I just need to chip off the dust
I really belong here
But something is wrong dear
I'm saying goodbye
And it's making me cry
That I have to go
I'm crossing my fingers
I'm touching my toes
I'm hoping this feeling will go
I know I can make it
But will I mistake it
When I can find peace of mind
Does it come in a letter
To make you feel better
Or do you apply
To a man in the sky
So you and I can begin
Somebody tell me
What am I doing here?
Well I could be happy
Don't leave me alone
Come with me now
On my magical fly away
Journey through anywhere
Choose a place here or there
Nowhere's too far for my baby
Travel through time and space
Dress you in mink and lace
Nowhere's too far for my baby
You'd be my Guinevere
I'll fight off any fear
Nowhere's too far for my baby
Crossing my heart for you
All that you want I'll do
Nowhere's too far for my baby