Перевод песни Pentangle – House Carpenter

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Well I once could have married the king's third son
And a fine young man was he But now I'm married to a house carpenter
And a noisy old man is he
«(but) Will you forsake your house carpenter
And a go along with a me
I will take you to where the grass grows green
On the bank of the river deep.»
«But will you have to maintain me a bound
To keep me at in slavery?»
«Well I have seven ships
They will soon be at land
And they at your command shall be.»
She took her two babes by the hand
And gave them kisses three
Said, «Stay at home you darling little babes
Keep your father sweet company.»
Now she dressed herself in her very best
Like a high born lady was she
She shivered and she shimmered and she proudly stepped
As they walked by the banks of the sea
Well she hadn't been gone but a short, short time
Until she wept for sor'
«I would give all the gold in this round world
Just to see my babes once more.»
Well if you had all the gold and the silver too
That ever did cross the sea
You never would be at land anymore
And your babes you will never more see
Well they hadn't been sailing but a short, short time
About two weeks three or four
When the ship sprang a leak and they were doomed
And they were far away from the shore
«I see bright hills of heaven my dear
Where angels come and go I see bright hills that tell my dear
Where you and I must go.»
«Well I wish I was back to my house carpenter
I'm sure he would treat me well
But here I am in the raging sea
And my soul is bound for hell.»