Перевод песни A Weather – Midday Moon

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You once were a dish sponge
Now you clean tiles
In the bathroom
Where sponges go to die, and I'm
Not water-tight, any more
But I'm pushing off, from the shore
Tilt my head back for the bleeding
Make your hands hardy for the holding of mine
I stood up way, way too quickly
What should I keep, and what's worth letting go of?
Am I Just, waiting for midday?
Ooh, midday, ooh
When I've staunched it
I'll let you know
And you can hit me again in the nose
And it's
Not funny, in the end
But it, helps to laugh, until then
A broom sweeping up its own bristles
A thin bit of hair that falls over your eye
I'm on a serious mission
I'm so much stronger than anyone
Ooh, it's just
I'm waiting for midday
Ooh, midday, ooh