Перевод песни Thin Lizzy – The Hero And The Madman

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The hero he rode a white horse
Across the desert to where his woman was
He’d been riding for four days
When he saw the tower where she was locked
In the moonlight he left his old steed
Near the drawbridge that he crossed
And by way of a rope ladder
He tip-toed to where his woman was
If I recall you’re the actor
Who followed the stars
Searching for
The lost city of Mars
Hoping time would heal the scars
Knowing fate held no bars
Are you the one
That I think you are?
Are you the hero or are you the madman?
The madman climbed
The steeple spire
«Go higher"said the crowd
From down below
«But…the world’s on fire"cried the madman
From the steeple spire
«You're a liar"cried the crown
From down below
The madman climbed the steeple spire
And let a crystal ball tear
Fall on the crown
From down below
If I recall you’re the actor
Who took to the stage
Set the world ablaze
With your anger and your rage
With every new leaf
You turned and wrote a new page
Cleverly concealing
Your real age
Those that knew you
Were always quite amazed
Are you the one
Who can take this praise?
Are you the hero or are you the madman?
«You're the only one»
«who can save us»
Said the wizard
«Or all is lost»