Перевод песни Sirius – Fuck Up

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Sunk so deep you won’t believe
I can’t proceed with this over me
I know what you think when you say my name
Talk about me like «Oh he changed,»
Another dope is up his nose
And I don’t know if I can trust him
And the smell of alcohol is too much for me to go hug him
And it’s hard to take, hard to watch, hard to look away
But it’s worst to be in the middle of this shit
Try to make up why to stay
So I underestimate people, lie to myself
But I’m easy to see trough
Used to be so proud but, take a look at these eyes
Take a look at me now
Everybody got a problem with me
But then again no one said life’s easy
Now I gotta watch where I put my feet
Some don’t even want to look at me
Every now and then I think back
If I took another choice where will I be at?
Momma said I’m proud of you, and my dad want to help me, guide me through
And I DO want to change, but I keep coming back to the same old same
Snort a line, while I write a rime about quitting shit for a better life
What the fuck is that, where’s the discipline?
This thing to bring out the bitch in me
And did I make this song for the sympathy?
I don’t now what it is but I’m sick of it
Look into my nephew’s eyes, I see myself back when
I didn’t care about nothing, I’ll rather be alone for now
Figure out how to bring myself back down on the ground
Cause now I am flying higher than I ever could imagine
And I was supposed to be scared of heights, like what happened?
I guess we changed, some for the better, some for the worse
I’m stuck somewhere between and it hurts
It’s dark tonight, I miss the sunlight
I miss saying things like «Thanks I’m alright.»
When you ask me how I’m feeling, well I’m happy when I’m dreaming
It’s a whole other world in my head when I close my eyes in my bed
Cause I make up places and people, replace myself if I need to
Three little birds on my doorstep
I see what it means when I go there
So peaceful, so quiet, all alone, but self reliant
I came to the point when I put the mic down and said I’m done
And with a life like this you might just feel like putting steel on your tongue
Cause I swear to God, I’ve seen suicides, I knew people who took the wrong
So rest in peace to the people I knew, cause I know you can hear my song
And I will be strong for me and you, do what they tell me that I can’t do
In all your names, I’mma fight, so I walk on the stage for you tonight
So when the light hits me I’mma shine for you
Bottom line I’mma lie for you, they gotta kill me to make us meet again
Cause I’m never giving up, I ain’t leaving yes
It’s not for me no more, it’s for all of us
I see you when I see you, I love you all