Перевод песни Rufus Wainwright – Sanssouci

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Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
The boys that made me lose the blues tonight, and then my eyesight
All together, playing games of cards
Gambling the tiny shards of brass, once my heart
Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
I’m lookin' through the window from the garden
Waitin' for the call to my hotel room
I’m tired of writing elegies to boredom
I just want to be at Sanssouci tonight
Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
Surely not the one that loves me truly, only
He’s probably down at the stables, there
Gently polishing my cabriolet, only
I don’t care, I really want to go So I’m opening the door wide to the ballroom
Callin' up some dude from my hotel room
I’m tired of writing elegies in general
I just want to be at Sanssouci tonight
Tonight, tonight…
The candles seem to all have been blown out
Cupid’s wings have cobweb rings and no one’s about
Could it be I came to the wrong place?
But I swear I saw them climb the stairs, that sweet mystery
Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
It’s only when you’re outside that you notice
Only from the window you can see them
Once the door is open, all will vanish
Ain’t nobody at Sanssouci tonight
Tonight, tonight