Перевод песни Clare Teal – Messin' With Fire

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Well there’s some high and mighty people
In this big judgemental world
They’ve got morals, to which they must aspire
But these high and mighty people
They find it so distressing
That everybody’s messin' with fire
Well you told me lots of stories
You said look but do not touch
Well babe we all do things we don’t admire
So don’t sit there and plead with me
Just hush your mouth, take heed of me
Cause everybody’s messin' with fire
It’s a certain kind of hunger, but I guess it’s hard to name
But you’ll know when you start dancing to its tune
And its true there’s always something somewhere
Waiting to burst into flame
Mrs Holier than thou, look who’s got the matches now!
See how the people are carrying secret dreams
Look at all the hearts out there for hire
Well look at all those creeping hands that never learnt their lesson
Cause everybody’s messin' with fire
You know those history books have taught us
That since this world began
Oh so many fingers have been burned
So who are you to tell me how to live my life right here and now?
Take a good look down this list — Baby we’re all arsonists!
You call me Satins other child, and said I’d burn in hell
Well, Sugar Plum I know you’re just a liar
'Cause God gave me his blessing to keep you people guessin'
'Bout everybody messin' with fire
Cause everybody’s messin' with fire
Well everybody’s messin' with fire!