Перевод песни Marc Antoine – Madrid

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Antoine and Birdskull grew up in an oak tree their voice wild squalls of sitars
in heat jaguars in their hair champagne ocean out their window museums of
strange dreams stretched out from here to Tokyo.
Antoine and Birdskull, Supernova’s ignite from their skin’s starlight you and I
were always meant to be together you and I will live and we will die together.
Antoine and Birdskull’s mother left when they were four sold everything she
owned locked them behind the bathroom door.
now they roam the streets steal moans from lovers while they’re sleeping
harvest the crashing sounds of taxi’s smashing into buildings
Supersonic rain won’t stop
You and I are all we got oaraketts are blazing blue.
You Know I’d kill a moon for you!
You gotta kill kill kill kill your friends!
You gotta kill kill kill kill for your friends!