Перевод песни Bondan Prakoso – Good Time

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heey... back again
it's Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black
do we have some good time
we gonna do some good times together baby
this is the time, when I was 17 in 1999
this is the time, when everything look so so so shine
this is not about me, I'm just telling you
feel free, living out freakers
like a rock star shit
mommy I don't wanna getting older
so I can keep free, and disorder
no way shit, everything just fine
that is how we go, doing have some good time, that is how we doing
I tell you another story, back in 1999
growing with my grey pants this is the best time
have someone special sugar on my school
aku bertingkah sok romantis, seperti doel
sumbang, seperti clown, seperti wayang
remaja sepertiku kadang tak berfikir panjang
breakin all the rules, breakin all the rules
I do the bad things, and I think I fuckin cool
acting crazy agar rock and steady
raga tetap kontrol