Перевод песни Pretty Maids – Know It Ain't Easy

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I never thought that love would cut so deep
I guess I need a little understanding
And I wonder if the ends will meet
Can't stop this heartache
From coming my way
I've had enough I'm leaving
She said and walked away
Left me broken-hearted weeping
Tears will fall like rain today
Don't like these games you're playing
Well, easy come and easy go I don't like these words you're saying
Am I paying the price of love?
You know it ain't easy
To leave someone you love
It takes more than a feeling
To leave someone you love
Yeah, sure it does
Don't have to say you're sorry
That the two of us are breaking up No you don't even have to say you worry
'Cause I refuse to give it up Don't like these games...
I'm a prisoner to love
Do you really want to see me hurt
Now does it have to be that complicated
Can't you see my heart is bleeding girl
I can't believe it baby
I can't believe it baby oh no