Перевод песни Shawn Mullins – Lullaby

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:shawn mullins
Sung by shawn mullins
She grew up with the children of the stars
In the hollywood hills and the boulevard
Her parents threw big parties
Everyone was there
They hung out with folks like dennis, hopper
Bob seeger, and sonny and cher
Now, she feels safe in the bar on fairfax
And from the stage i can tell
She can't let go and she can't relax
And just before she hangs here head to cry
I sing to her a lullaby
I sing everything's gonna be all right
Everything's gonna be all right
Rockabye, rockabye
She still lives with her mom outside the city
Down that street about a half a mile
And all her friends tell her she's so pretty
But she'd be a whole lot prettier
If she smiled once in a while
'cause even her smile looks like a frown
She's seen her share of devils in this angel town
I told her i ain't so sure about this place
It's hard to play a gig in this town
And keep a straight face
Seems like everybody here's got a plan
It's kind of like nashville with a tan
The end