Перевод песни Hugo Montenegro – The Greatest Love

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You are the love by so pretty close
and all about the things
heaven only knows that I wished could
You are the love dances and sing
swinging since all pretty little things
and the playboy should
mmm he's got money he's got charms
and when you walked all that all
hurt me so but I just want you to know
It's not easy heaven knows I try
to wish the best to you and push myself inside
well it takes the greatest love can you ever find
to let you walk away leavin' me behind
and that's the greatest love, yes it is You are the love he's got the power
do anything each and every hour of the day and night
you are the love he's got the ways
mean show you all awhile the seems
when the light so bright
mmm love should never people ask
so don't you cry and be depress
your pretty go but I just want you to know
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