Перевод песни Mi-Sex – But You Don't Care

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Lightning flash in the plate glass
The reflection spears a hole in the back of my eyes
An old man saunters nearby
Not noticing the flash of the chrome bars inside
I got you down on your bended knees
You begged for more treatment please
Why can't you let it be
A tree stump twists
Your love shall not be missed
But you don't care
You just don't care
If there ai't no feelings there
I bet you don't care
A queen, the queen of hearts
Is more than one man can stand
Walking through the courtyard smiling in hand with another man
A king, the king of spades
Is watching from the wings
But his mind is not into the show
'cause he's into other things
In the house with the open door
I caught you weeping
Clutching on to the relics
That your lover once had
You're looking for a man
With an iron fist
An eye for your beauty
And a heart for the sad