Перевод песни T-Pain – Superstar Lady

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She got a stomach like Ciara
Hair Like Beyonce
Gabrielle Union smile
Lips like Ashanti
I'm k-ci and jo-jo
She is my davante
Titties Muy bien
Booty Mucho Grande
She is so exotic like she is from another country
She is so erotic download pornos every Sunday
Freaky in the bed I tie her up like a mummy
I got her let her meet my mommy
She got thighs like Angelina
Aguilera Christina
Searching for my shawty tell me have you seen her?
Party like a Hilton
Sex like a Kardashian
God is so damn good to me what more can u ask more of him
I got her one of them Jessica's: Alba, Biel or Simpson
Never been a harlot, she's Scarlet Johanson
She makes me feel good everytime that she gets with me I can be her K-Fed
She can be my Britney
She got a booty like sirena
Thighs like Trina
Lips like that chick off that Martin Show Gina
Shawty always looking fly everytime I see her
I might let my shawty drive my beemer
Me I'm a be on my passenger side
Other girls jealous asking me why
And I tell them cause shawty is the baddest
She is flushed and she is aries
And I don't care if u get mad b*tch
Cause I know that u really wanna have this
From the way that u look is tragic
So don't let them disappear that is magic