Перевод песни Chris Brown – Damage

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Don’t smoke, don’t fight, don’t light no cigarettes
Or else you’ll wind up in the can
No jokes, don’t write, sit tight, don’t fool around
You are a guest of Uncle Sam
Stand up, look right, don’t slouch and stand at ease
Allow no sex above the knees
And when I snap, you jump into the master plan
I’ll be damned
Well, I’ll be damned
I’ll be
Damned, if I drink or smoke
Damned, if I steal your joke
I’ll be damned, if I go for broke
Damned, if I do
Damned, if I don’t
Don’t talk, don’t fool, don’t try to mess around
I’ll make a monkey out of you
You sign your name right on that dotted line
Boy, I’ll be damned
I’ll be
I’ll be damned (x6)