Перевод песни T-Pain – Reggae Night

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Girl I Can’t Believe You Got Me Comin' Out Here On A Reggae Night
Girl You Need To Get Out The House
I Hope You Got Yo Purse Yo Knife
Hell Yeah These Jamaicans Crazy… How Much It Is To Get In
: All Yeah It Gonna Be 10 For Genaral Addmission And 20 For Vip
Thats How It Has To Be Ladies
Dame Thats A Lot Of Money To Get In Here
20 Dollars For Wat… Girl Lets Go To The Bar
Dame Say Excuse Me
Girl You See That Girl Hair
No Did You See The Girl Shoes
Dame Why You Ain’t Dame
Dey Ain’t Bout S**T Though Excuse Me Can I Get A Drank
Girl No You See Her Dress You See How She Spilt Her Drank On Me
Lets Go To The Bathroom After This Cause I Got To Wipe This S**T Off
Excuse Me Can I Get A Drank
Excuse Me
Oh S**T T-Pain In The F*CKing Building
Man F**K T-Pain That Nigga Ain’t S**T
Ok T-Pain Who The F**K Is T-Pain
Arcadestreetooh T-Pain That Is The North Flordia S**T
I Just Sayin F**K T-Pain My Man Got T-Pain Money
Man Yo Man Ain’t Got S**T On Jive I’ll Kick Ya’ll Azz