Перевод песни Ciara – I Found Myself

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So long
Hello, to the new me The better me That's right
My Life
21, and I've realized
Everything you want's not meant to be 21 then you qualify
To stand up to responsibilities
So I tried to prioritize
By deciding what I know is best for me And then there's always
Love that tries to trip you up You try to catch yourself before you hit the ground
But nothings promised
Friends are there to cheer you up To give you strength and build you up when you are down
So I set sail emotion
I say
So long, farewell
My life's moving forward
My ship has sailed
And I'm so glad it's over
My heart is well
After all that I've been through
I found myself
22, I hope that I'm
With someone who truly cares for me If I'm not, I'll be alright
I'll accept the time I know God has for me One day I'll be the perfect wife
That's my destiny
And I won't be afraid to try
Though is always
I'm looking out for me Taking care of my needs
Life isn't guaranteed
It's time to start living
It won't always be the same
Can't be afraid of change
You wanna have your way
Demand till your Satisfied
You lower your self esteem
You gotta live your dream
It's all bout confidence
To let them know that you can stand up You never try
Learn to express you mind
Sometimes you gotta fight
It's your life so don't you give up