Перевод песни Ciara – I Proceed

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It's serious
I don't care if you're in your car
I don't care if you're on the dance floor
And it don't matter who you are
It takes you over
It's crazy what could you be doing (what you doing)?
Tell me how come you're not move (why aren't you moving)?
Energy let the music get you high
It moves you when you see the flashing lights
It feels so good I can't control my waist
I can't control my hips
It makes me want to break
And therefore, I proceed to break it down (4x)
I bet you're curious
How I pop so hard and make my back break
It's in the beat, why aren't you hearing this?
Hit me so hard you feel the big bass
Baba, baba, baba, ba, ba
I'm looking for my lover
Someone I can call my
Dream and like a brother
Also treats me like a best friend
He ain't got another, cause I'm the only one for him
Feels like magic when we're holding hands
He touch my heart
It makes me move
He makes it pop
And makes me groove