Перевод песни The Fray – Trust Me

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Looking for something I've never seen
Alone and I'm in between
The place that I'm from and
The place that I'm in A city I've never been
I found a friend or should I say foe
Said there's a few things you should know
We don't want you to see
We come and we go Here today, gone tomorrow
We're only taking turns
Holding this world
It's how it's always been
When you're older, you will understand
If I say who I know it just goes to show
You need me less than I need you
Take it from me We don't give sympathy
You can trust me trust nobody
But I said you and me We don't have honesty
The things we don't want to speak
I'll try to get out, but I never will
Traffic is perfectly still
And again maybe you don't
And again maybe you won't
When you're older
You might understand
When you're older
You might understand