Перевод песни Vanessa Williams – Come On Strong

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If you’re gonna kiss me don’t just merely kiss me Baby kiss me lovely and long
I wanna feel some weird vibrations, follow your basic inclinations
And if you’re gonna come on, come on strong
If you’re gonna thrill me don’t just merely thrill me Make me feel so right that is wrong
Unless I feel the ceiling cave in how will we know we’re misbehavin'
So if you’re gonna come on, come on strong
I wanna hear violins, I wanna see harlequins
I wanna take leave of my senses whatever the consequences
If you’re gonna love me don’t just merely love me Make it like a cold
I wanna feel my skin start tightenin'
Light up and struck by bolts of lightenin'
Bring a guitar to strum on, even a drum to drum on And if you’re gonna come on, come on strong
Yeah, you’ve got to come on strong boy
Come on strong